Altitude Contracting’s paint experts take pride in their work. Our skilled professionals have decades of combined industry experience and can handle jobs as small as a touch up, to full scale residential and commercial work, including interior and exterior projects, and everything in between.

We use only the most trusted paint brands in the industry, and are fully licensed and insured (we also have crews licensed for lead paint remediation which can be common in older homes).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you local, licensed, and insured?

Yes! We have been successfully handling storm damage repair projects across the Denver metro-area since 2011 and have HUNDREDS of references.

Do you require a deposit before work begins?

No! We don’t collect a payment until materials have been delivered to your address and work has started, and the final payment is due ounce all work is complete!

What happens if my insurance company denies coverage?

Altitude Contracting’s claim specialists will always put the homeowners best interests first. We will always try to get everything fully approved so your only out of pocket is your deductible, however if your insurance company denies coverage then there is no liability what-so-ever and we are happy to write you a full and fair estimate for repairs.

How much will this cost me?

All inspections are completely free of charge. Most clients only out of pocket costs is their deductible (usually $500-$1000), however if your insurance denies coverage or the issues are not storm damage related, then we will always provide a full estimate at no charge!

Do I really have to pay my deductible?

Yes. Here in Colorado it is the law that all homeowners pay their deductible, in full, to the contractor performing the work. The insurance company and mortgage company involved will require documentation verifying this.

We think we have damage, what’s next?

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